The Do’s and Don’ts of Freshman Year

20130917-184932.jpgThe 2013-2014 school year has begun and South Lancaster Academy’s students are all very excited to see what this year holds; especially the new freshman class. Being a freshman is always a fun-filled experience filled with exciting opportunities. This week, the Pioneer decided to help the freshman out and give them some helpful Do’s and Don’ts to survive their first year of high school!


  • Always respect your teachers and upper classmen.
  • Turn your homework in on time.
  • Always take a shower and smell nice. Using deodorant is not a sin.
  • Allow upper classmen to cut in front of you in lines, like in bathrooms and water fountains.
  • Keep lockers neat and tidy. It makes it easier to find things!
  • Try to get to class on time! (Especially to Pastor Nino’s classes)
  • Always stop to admire the upper classmen as your mentors and heroes.
  • Remember to have fun this year and enjoy it!
  • Get involved. You Only Live Once, do as much as you can while in high school.
  • Try to get on the good side of all the teachers and faculty
  • Allow the Holy Spirit to work through you.


  • Do not talk to the Upper classmen
  • Do not pick your nose in the hallways.
  • Do not procrastinate. Assignments are given ahead of time for a reason.
  • Do not let anyone see you show affection to your parents (Don’t let anyone see your mommy kiss your forehead).
  • Do not walk slowly in the hallways!
  • Do NOT let your socks be higher than your sneakers.
  • Don’t be influenced by peer pressure; be yourself.
  • Do not bully or harass anyone (it’s a crime now).

There you have it folks ! If you follow all these Do’s and Don’ts your first year of high school will be a breeze and you will greatly enjoy it !


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