The Poetic Stylings’s of Kurtis Bakerlis

Kurtis Bakerlis is a sophomore here at South Lancaster Academy. When he has free time he likes to write poems or think of insightful quotes. Kurtis was kind enough to share some of his pieces of writing with us.

As Time Passes By

“Time passes by, is it possible to prolong? God, will your word forever stand strong? I lean on you for support, what more can I do? I just want someone to love me, so I look up to you. Im blinded by the world’s temptation, it all feels so good. Is it possible in this world to be understood? I’m sick and tired of the way people treat each other, it’s like they have no respect. And I’m also tired of this thing called sin, it makes me feel like I’m good for nothing, like I’m a suspect. A victim not a survivor is what I see, a planet full of pain and hurt but yet where we humans would rather be. I don’t understand our crazed delirium or our sense of conscious, so how do I breathe in the fake oxygen we encompass? Everything in this world seems to be inexplicable, or inscrutable in some way, shape, or form, and that’s why it’s to this world that I try not to conform. People seem to love this world too much, and they act like it’s where they belong. But if they actually knew the truth, they would know that they were wrong. I attempt to grasp at perfection but is it possible with the limited time we have passing through? But I’m thirsty and long for sin’s poison too. How do I change and let you in? God, Satan’s words can lure and inch up my skin, how do i withstand? And listen to the words you command? Lord I need your help, and please guide every step I take. Lord I want you with me with every move that I make. I need you during this battle against the evils that I see. Please Lord help me, and don’t let Satan conquer me.”


“It’s not about how much strength it will take or how hard it will be; it’s about how much courage you have to actually try and how much you’re willing to persevere to actually succeed.”


About Brandon B.

I'm a proud Christian, above average sports fan and I'm currently in the process of growing up.

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