My Year as Editor-in-Chief

So let’s see… Where should I begin?

Well my name’s Brandon Beneche, I’m a junior here at South Lancaster Academy and this was a very interesting year.

Last year was my first year in the school’s journalism class and, I’m not gonna lie, it was a lot of fun! I was the sports editor for our school newspaper the Pioneer and it was a great experience! I love sports, so I was basically getting high school credit for writing about one of my favorite things. Not only did I enjoy covering sports, I also had a lot of fun making new friends. We all had so many good times in that class, making jokes and just laughing about life.

At the end of the year Mr. Lambert approached me and asked me if I was interested in being the editor-in-chief the following year. I was flattered that Mr. Lambert thought I could be a good editor and gladly accepted his invitation. Little did I know that my new role would be very different from my old one.

I had some goals that I wanted to accomplish this year. First, I wanted our video crew to consistently produce quality videos. Second, I wanted to communicate more with the student body and tell them more about the Pioneer. Third, I wanted to increase the amount views that our website gets. Lastly, I wanted to be a good leader and help my fellow classmates learn the joys of writing and reporting.

Well now that the year is over I can honestly say that things didn’t go quite as planned. Our video crew didn’t produce videos with the consistency that I was hoping for. Many time my writers and reporters struggled to come up with topics to write about. Several times throughout the year I was left in charge of a bunch of teenagers who didn’t always want to do their work the class for a few days while Mr. Lambert was busy. We went through periods when it felt like our site wasn’t getting any views. And sometimes I felt like I was buried in articles that I had to edit.

So do I regret being editor-in-chief?

Heck no!

I learned and grew so much this year! Even though our video crew didn’t produce videos every month, they produced, in my opinion, some of the funniest videos that I’ve ever seen! I’ll be coming back to watch those videos long after I graduate! Being in charge of a group of writers, and some great people, taught me a lot about leadership and responsibility. We’ve established a weekly announcement of our headlines that almost all of the students hear. Our website also had the most views this school year than it’s ever had. I made more friends because of this year and walked away a better person.

So to Mr. Lambert and all of my classmates classmates I just want to thank you guys for a great year! This will be my last year in journalism… So to them that are returning to the journalism class next year, make sure that your articles are good, ’cause I’ll be checking them out every week!


About Brandon B.

I'm a proud Christian, above average sports fan and I'm currently in the process of growing up.

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