Inside Look Into Next Year’s School Year

As this school year comes to an end, preparation for next year’s school year start. For the past two weeks the students of South Lancaster Academy have been meeting with the vice principal to arrange their schedules for next year. So far there have been some issues with students involving

The science department will be expanding their horizons and adding a genetics class. The history department is adding History of the Cold War, and making government and AP government officially two separate classes. Also, journalism and Multimedia Journalism will become two separate classes that meet on alternating days. Mr. Bisson, the math teacher, is adding two Pre-Calculus classes so that the next year juniors will be able to take a calculus class their senior year.

Due to the past few years having a large Freshman class and the lack of keyboarding skills of new coming students, there have been additional schedule changes added. The computer applications class with have two separate meeting times, with the first quarter strict keyboarding and the remaining quarters normal computer application curriculum. Since the computer application class has two meeting sessions there will also be two sessions for the following classes; Biology, Algebra I, and US History.

The students of SLA feeling’s towards the new schedule range from excitement and anger. Here is what some of the students have to say.

Junior, Frankie Vasquez says, ” I like the schedule a lot, except for the fact of scheduling conflict the seniors have to wait until the end of the day to take Pre-Calculus. I think that will result in the lessening of senior attendance of that class.”

Sophomore, Amber Sanchez says, ” I love the flexibility in the schedule where I can acquire my needed credits before Senior year. Next year I will be allowed to take AP Government, Pre-Calculus, and senior English. The schedule is great for people like me, but I feel bad for those you aren’t open to the same opportunities as I am.”

Other comments about the schedule of next years schedule, think that it’s not fair how a lot of the schedule is geared for next years juniors rather than the other classes of priority like the seniors.

Next year seems to be full of a lot of learning opportunities. Hopefully by next year all of the bugs of the schedule will be worked out. Feel free to comment below ideas of how the schedule can be fixed, or if you’re a student how you feel about the schedule.


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