SLA’s Spring Concert was a Success!

Courtesy of Roxanne Bruso

Courtesy of Roxanne Bruso

South Lancaster Academy’s annual Spring Concert took place Tuesday, May 14th, at 7 pm in the AUC Machlan Auditorium. The 7th graders played the bells while the 8th graders sang and played the bells. The choir and Il Voce, SLA’s elite traveling choir, performed some songs that were bright and cheerful, and some more serious worship songs.

After Mr. Huff said the opening prayer, Il Voce cheerfully started off the concert with Earth Song. It’s a beautiful song that talks about how music can heal. They later sang ABC. Voce sang the alphabet in a unique and creative way that many people in the audience never heard before.

The only sad song throughout the concert, entitled Lolette’s Complaint, was played by the 7th grade bell choir. The song was about a girl named Lolette being sad because her sister’s dress was prettier than hers. The 7th graders also played the well-known worship song, Above All.

The 8th graders showed enthusiasm for Gaelic Blessing, the song they played on the bells. Do Re Mi, from the Sound of Music, was the only time during the concert that the 8th grade sang. It was a well-done cover of a classic song.

The Cat Came Back, a dramatic song with a lot of sound effects, was arguably the most popular song out of the entire concert. Senior Lydia Felt and Freshman Cyan Picard both provided sound effects, and the entire choir seemed to enjoy the song. Both the choir and the audience members thought it was the highlight of the program. Blessed are the Pure and Merciful, based on the Beatitudes, was one of the more serious songs. Bridge Over Troubled Water was another one of the audience’s favorite songs throughout the concert. Senior Lydia Felt and Junior Lucas Raposo each had solos. The choir’s rendition of Finnegan’s Fugue was entertaining and each of the choir members seemed to enjoy the song just as much as the audience did. Voce ended the concert with The Days of Christ, which was a wonderful way to show that all of the songs and performances by Voce are done for the glory of God.

Many of the audience members were willing to voice their opinion of the concert..

Kirt Bakerlis, choir member Kurtis Bakerlis’s dad, said, “It was a great concert! The Cat Came Back and all of its sound effects were definitely my favorite.”

Junior Roxanne Bruso said, “This was the most fun school concert I’ve ever been to. I loved Bridge Over Troubled Water, and I thought Lydia and Lucas both sang wonderfully.”

5th grader Rebecca Silva said, “It was such a fun concert, and it was my first concert with SLA. The Cat Came Back was my favorite as well.”

Did you attend the spring concert? If so, what did you think of it? Share in a comment.


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