Spiritual Revivals: Nine Students Baptized

On Saturday, May 11, 2013, the angels in heaven rejoiced as several souls decided to give their lives to Jesus through baptism. The event was held at Village Church at 4pm, and 9 individuals were baptized: Rebecca Silva, Xoyoan Colon, Cyan Piccard, Nawal Habib, Luis Reveron, Simon Sierra, Joel Morin, Joshua Mularczyk, and Thalia Phillippe.

Our goal as an Adventist school, is to have God as our base. We aim for spiritual revivals in students, and every year, a spring week of prayer is concluded with a calling – motivating students to search within themselves and make the decision to give their lives to our Savior who once left everything to come to this world and trade His existence for ours. The results each year are phenomenal. God has done great works in the hearts of all of us.

The service was conducted like your typical baptismal: praise songs all the way through or in between the baptismal of each person, friends going up on stage for support, and favorite Bible verses being quoted.
For those who have been baptized: you can spend your life mentally preparing yourself for a life-changing moment, or an experience that will turn your life around for the better, but you can never be prepared enough to see how good it feels when your life is now held in the hands of the Being who loved us most. It’s overwhelming special, and it’s something you’ll keep forever.

For those who haven’t been baptized, we may wonder how it feels like standing in the water, hearing words but staying silent because your heart is speaking louder than you can. A couple of students were asked to share their experiences – why they decided to get baptized, and how they’re feeling now after being born again.

“I decided to get baptized because I have become closer to Jesus and I felt that I needed to commit my life to Him,” Sophomore Nawal Habib said. “After being baptized, I felt like I was starting over, and I’m happy about living my life for God from now on.”

“I made the decison to get baptized because I wanted to build a better relationship with God. Now that I’m baptized, I feel more focused spiritually and less focused on worldly things.” Junior Xoyoan Colon shared.

We were all born to bring people to Jesus. Of course, we all commit to this purpose differently, as we all have different gifts – but we’re all meant to plant a seed. It might take a while for it to blossom, and we might not see it blossom at all, but seeds are meant to grow – and we will see the results in heaven. After you get baptized and give your live to Jesus, the devil will fight even harder to get you back. Living in Jesus doesn’t mean you won’t get rainy times. But the seed is already planted, and then again, rain does make things grow.

“Let me into your lives, your world. Live on me, so that you may become truly alive. ” -Jesus Christ.


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