Teacher’s Appreciation: A Tribute To Bisson

Mr. Bisson - Mathematics

Mr. Bisson – Mathematics

This Thursday is Teacher Appreciation’s Day. To celebrate, the Pioneer decided to write our articles as tributes to the teachers at SLA that we all admire. We couldn’t go far without you guys teaching us every step of the way.

Mr. Bisson has been teaching in our Mathematics department for the past 13 years and has assisted many students with getting a firm grasp on their math skills. His favorite part of teaching here is interacting with students and just having fun in the class with them .

We students learn and grow here on a daily basis. Even teachers grow here as people too; Bisson believes his patience has grown a lot here. Without him we would be less prepared for college life and we would all be lacking the math skills needed to succeed in life.

Here are some things students had to say about why they appreciate him so much:

” He is a very dedicated teacher! He really knows how to teach us the concepts very well. He is also very good at keeping us all entertained and focused during the period.” – Pablo Huerfano , Junior

” I really enjoy Bisson and like him because he is a really funny guy!” – Aaron Comley , Sophomore

” He’s really funny and can be really sarcastic, which I appreciate. He’s a really good teach and really makes sure we all can understand what he is trying to teach us.” – Alyssia Cutler , Junior

I would like to thanks Mr . Bisson for all he does and contributes to out school each and everyday. We all really appreciate how you teach us and care about the people we will become. Thank You! Let’s not only appreciate our teacher on Teacher’s Appreciation Day, but everyday ! Let your teacher know how much you appreciate them for all they do for you !


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