Evangelism: Adventists Striving To Make A Difference Around the World

Courtesy of Adventist News Network

Courtesy of Adventist News Network

Recently on Wednesday April 24th, in Savar, Bangladesh, a commercial factory building collapsed due to the effects of a ferocious earthquake. This quickly captured media attention, and it’s made construction companies really question their building standards in the country. Ten Adventist students who were trained for earthquake or building collapse emergency response were of the first to arrive on the scene. Thanks to their efforts, emergency crews were able to locate thirty victims, four of which were still alive.

Soon after that, another group of 125 Adventists came to help around the disaster site. Along with the rescue team, they searched for more victims, locating 3 women still alive, as well as several bodies. To the survivors found, they provided food and water.

The building that unfortunately collapsed was an eight-story commercial building known as the Rana Plaza, located about 45 kilometers from the capital of Bangladesh, or Dhaka. The building housed production shops, 5 garment factories, and hundreds of shops. At the time of the collapse, it was estimated that 3,500 individuals were inside the building, the majority of whom were young women under the age of 25. Up to now, 400 bodies have been found and 2,444 injured individuals have been rescued and given aid. Hundreds are still unaccounted for, though, and we will keep them and their family in our prayers.

After having an Adventist youth meeting on April 26th, they spontaneously collected 12,100 taka, Bangladesh currency, for the victims of the disaster.

For more details and background of the story, visit: http://news.adventist.org/archive/articles/2013/04/30/adventists-part-of-response-in-bangladesh-factory-collapse-disaster

Seeing how South Lancaster participates in mission trips once every two years, and after visiting Adventist cites, it makes one realize more youth around the world are involved in outreach as well. Being the youth, we are the future of the church. We are the strength, the flame, and we need to rekindle our souls with the love of Christ and pass it to our fellow men in times of despair. Within each of us lies a special spiritual gift, and God can use each of us for His will, whether we think so or not, no matter how useless we think we may be.

Youth were asked about spiritual insecurities concerning outreach, and most responded by saying sometimes they’re too shy, too held back to approach someone and spread Jesus to them. But Jesus gave man a mouth, and he will put the words in it whenever you need him too. He always has your back.

Courtesy of Adventist News Network

Courtesy of Adventist News Network

There are several ways to reach out one another. Just because you aren’t necessarily a people person, or you don’t consider yourself to be good with words, does not mean you should expect yourself to lack connections with people. Individuals can connect in several ways, and God placed in us all a gift, you just have to unwrap it.


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