Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Preview

The NHL’s regular season ends on April 28 and then the final playoff seeding will be announced shortly after. With so few games left you can predict who will be competing for this year’s Stanley Cup. The Boston Bruins have a chance at a second seed for the Eastern Playoffs, with 59 points for the season so far. The Bruins have three games left against the Tampa Bay Lightning (40 points for the season), the Washington Capitals (54 points for the season), and Ottawa Senators (52 points for the season).

Courtesy of Google images.

Courtesy of Google images.

If the Bruins win the next three games it will give them the sought after second seed. Pittsburgh has a strong hold on the first seed and it would be nothing short of a miracle for someone to pass them, they currently have 70 points do the season and have two remaining regular season games. Boston currently is tied for points at 59 with the Montreal Canadiens, but Montreal only has one scheduled game left where as Boston has three.

The three remaining games are all going to be tough, but they have already conquered each of these teams at least once. Tampa Bay and Boston’s last match ended with Boston on the better end. Boston has defeated Washington once but their second game went into over time. Ottawa and Boston have already met up four times and each time Boston was victorious.

Most likely Boston will play Ottawa in the Eastern Conference Playoffs for round one. It seems like an easy match-up for the Bruins but, like always, their opponents will give them a run for their money. Boston seems to have the most games left in the Eastern Conference regular season. Unfortunately, the Bruins will have little time to rest since the playoffs start on April thirty and they have games scheduled almost every night until then.

Will Boston win their next three games? Who do you think Boston will play? Do you think the Bruins are Stanley cup material? As a supportive Boston fan myself, I always have faith in my team, but do you have faith in yours?


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