Talent Spotlight : Devin Crowley

Courtesy of Facebook

Courtesy of Facebook

As we have learned multiple times over this school year, many of us are blessed with special talents that not everyone knows about. This week the Pioneer sat down with freshmen, Devin Cowley, to discover his talents .

Name: Devin Crowley
Grade: Freshmen

Q. What are all the instruments you play?
A.” I play the Bass , Trumpet, and I play a little bit of the piano. ”

Q. How long have you been playing each of those instruments?
A. ” I’ve played the trumpet since like 4th grade. I’ve played the bass for like 2 or 3 years. The piano only like a few months.”

Q. What made you start playing instruments?
A.” Well I was in an elementary band and had to start playing the trumpet. Then we were starting like a Christian band with Deanna , Eden-Mae, Samantha and myself and we needed Bass so I learned it for them. Then piano my mom wanted me to.”

Q. What do you when you aren’t playing instruments?
A.” I like air-soft, but the trumpet takes up a lot of my time.

Q.Where and what do you play them for?
A.”The bass I play for chapel and in our band. I play the the trumpet in my orchestra group. The piano I don’t really play that much.”

We all have beautiful talents that God himself has bestowed upon us. Let’s use them to praise him each and everyday.


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