History of Patriots Day

This Patriots Day was quite graphic due to horrific terrorist bombings that occurred at the Boston Marathon. The history behind the holiday is important, and yet often forgotten. In fact, only two states celebrate it even though it is a vital part of our whole nation’s development into an independent country. So today we are going to have a quick history lesson on the reasons behind Patriots Day.

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

Patriots Day is celebrated every third Monday in April. It is memory and honor of the first battle in America’s fight for freedom, liberty, cultural independence, a citizen’s responsibility. Taking place in Lexington Concord’s North Bridge and on the road to Boston, this battle was legendary are so are many of its participants. It all started with America’s want for freedom from oppressive taxes, and laws made by a distant and not comprehending ruling power; England and it’s monarchs. In response and retaliation, local states boycotted tea and other heavily taxed products. This cause England to send troops to the Americas which only aggravated countrymen even more. So locals stared forming militia groups and groups of Minute Men for various areas and states. Appalled and feeling a need to disperse and put a stop to these happenings, the mother land, England, decided to plan a secret attack on  Lexington and Concord. But their plans were spoiled! This is where Paul Revere comes in and saves the day and many lives by starting his legendary “midnight ride” to warn men of the respective towns. With little time and even less men, local families put together a small force of militia men and Minute Men that arranged themselves on the town green before the Concord North Bridge. Early morning is coming and so are the red coats in a large force. Neat and fully decked for war with all the latest technology, the British Red Coats looked like they would be the victors. Here comes another upset. Even though better equipped, the Red Coats did not know the landscape and were not well trained to fight in such a climate and terrain. So as both groups of men stood facing each other, the shot heard around the world was fired. Till this day no one knows who fired first. What we do know though is that after that shot pandemonium broke loose. A couple men were killed and injured in the American’s ranks but it was nothing compared to the hundreds of English killed by marksmen skilfully using the landscape and knowledge of the terrain along the road back to Boston as Red Coats tried to flee. This gruesome battle took place on April 19th 1775.

Photot Courtesy of photos.al.com

Photot Courtesy of photos.al.com

This battle was just the beginning though of an eight year struggle with England for independence and freedom. It decided the course of this nation’s growth. Even with all the above being the reason for local and state offices, and schools closing for the day, only two states actually honor the national; Massachusetts and Maine.  The third Monday of April was declared a national holiday in 1969 by a collective states’ vote. We should always remember and respect the members of our country who fought for the ability for us to live as we choose and govern ourselves. That is why we should view this day with respect and dignity. I must remind you readers that people should be careful not to confuse Patriot’s Day and Patriot day commemorating the 9/11 attacks on America.


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