Friday Night Lights at SLA

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

This past Friday night, the 12th of April, South Lancaster Academy, held their third Friday night vespers of 2013, in the chapel room. In past years there have been many attempts to begin a regular vespers that the students of SLA could attend. There have been many successful vespers, but up until this year there has never been a real consistency to it.

Junior, Isaac Valera, and Sophomore, Leo Zamo, decided to change that this year, and have an FNL every third Friday night, or the Friday following a week of prayer or a special event.
This past week due to schedule conflicts many of those who organize the events and more than half of praise team were not able to attend, but the program was still successful.

Sophomore, Amber Sanchez, was the special speaker. Her message reminded us all that we are called to serve, and God can use us all in different ways.

Amber spoke about her revelation of wanting to become a pastor, and how fear should never get in the way of serving God. Nearing the end of her sermon she made a point in saying the person who gets in the way of ourselves the most is usually ourselves.

To help conquer fear of ourselves the bible holds many truths of encouragement, one of them including Romans 8:31 reading ,” What,then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”. Remember that God has called us all to serve, even if in the simplest form. Do not reject God’s calling and be willing to serve. Have you heard God’s call yet? Feel free to comment below as to what you this your calling may be.

Friday Night lights will continue for the remainder of this year, and hopefully pick back up next school year, every third Friday night at 7.


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