Celtics vs. Knicks 2013 Post-Season Preview

Photo Courtesy of Bing.

Photo Courtesy of Bing.

The Boston Celtics have made it to the postseason with a record of 41-40 (.506 winning percentage). The Celtics are No.7 in the Eastern Conference playoff’s this year. Their top performer has been Paul Pierce, getting 18.6 points per game while also averaging a career high 4.8 assists.

The Celtics are up against the New York Knicks, who are currently the No. 2 seed in the East. Their top performer has been Carmelo Anthony with a 28.7 points per game average. The Knicks have had a great season, finishing with a record of 54-28 (.659).

Boston has been quite injury prone this year, but it’s critical that they have a clean bill of health through the playoff season. In the heat of the postseason players like Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett seem to come alive, revived with a new energy. This energy will be crucial for the Celtics this year.

All NBA teams seem to play best during the playoffs and the games are sure to be crowded and intensity levels will be at a season high. In Boston with the recent bombing, the Boston pride and community feeling is at an all time high. The fans of Boston are going to be more intense and emotional towards the Celtics than normal. It’ll be a hard away game for the Knicks just because it will be the Celtics first game back in the Garden.

Here’s the Celtics first round schedule:

Game 1-Hosted by the Knicks, Saturday, April 20 @ 3
Game 2-Hosted by the Knicks, Tuesdays, April 23 @ 8
Game 3-Hosted by the Celtics, Friday, April 26 @ 8
Game 4-Hosted by the Celtics, Sunday, April 28 @ 1
Game 5-Hosted by the Knicks, Wednesday, May 1, Time: TBA
Game 6- Hosted by the Celtics, Friday, May 3, Time: TBA
Game 7-Hosted by the Knicks, Sunday, May 5, Time: TBA

When new York and Boston go head to head it’s always an interesting game. With the long rivalry between the two teams, it already makes the game fun and hard on the players. Who do you think will come out on top? Are you going to fully support your team?


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