Do You Rock… In Church?



One of the greatest debates taking place in the Seventh Day Adventist church right now is what instruments should be allowed in the church and which shouldn’t. In basically all churches the piano, organ, and voice are the main instruments used to lead out in hymns and special music. The problem arises when asked if drums, guitar, and contemporary music should be allowed in the church, or even accepted as appropriate methods of worship.

In Proverbs 150:1-6 the Bible tells us to praise the Lord, and also lists certain instruments to praise Him with. The trumpet, lute and harp, tambourine, strings and pipe are all included, even loud crashing cymbals!

Proponents of modern instruments in church state that all types of music should be allowed in church, including drums and guitar. The tambourine mentioned in the Bible is used to keep a beat, so technically drums can fit into that category. The Bible also mentions string instruments, and a guitar, no matter if it is electrical or bass, should also be allowed in church. Also the Bible says that loud crashing cymbals should be played, and loud crashing cymbals aren’t played to soft hymns, so contemporary music is allowed.

Opponents of certain types of instruments in church point to counsel from Ellen G. White, who stated several times she was against it.  It is often believed that all corruption in the church can be fixed if we return back to our roots. Historically, Seventh-day Adventist church members have kept church services a solemn, reverent affair, believing these services should stay as far as possible from the world and its influence. Those who are against drums, guitars, and contemporary music in the church think that if we bring world influences in, which are believed to be certain instruments, then people will fall out of the church and our beliefs will be shifted.  For further information about what Ellen White says, check in her book Evangelism, chapter 15.

What instruments should be allowed in the church come down to personal beliefs, and can depend heavily on someone’s upbringing. God knows the true intentions of everyone’s hearts, and will judge based on that. Times have changed, and maybe it is time for our methods of outreach to change too. In Colossians 3:17 the Bible says, “and whatever you do whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of The Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the father through Him.”

No matter what instruments you may play or types of music you accept, the ultimate goal is your music should be enjoyed and performed to the glory of God. Praise Him with all we have, and leave whatever is allowed and not allowed up to the true judge. What instruments do you think are acceptable for church services? Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts. 



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