The Boston Red Sox’s Promising Season?

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Fans across the country are getting amped up and are dusting off their baseball Jerseys in preparation for another exhilarating Major League Baseball Season. The Red Sox 113th Regular Season starts on April 1st, at Yankee Stadium. Should they expect a different kind of season this year? What have the Red Sox’s done differently to help improve the 2013 season?

The Red Sox Changed up their Management dramatically by firing Bobby Valentine at the end of the last season, and then hiring John Ferrell who had been the Manager for the Toronto Blue Jay’s for the last two seasons. Before that Ferrell had been the pitching coach for the Red sox from 2007-10. Which makes him a veteran with some of the players, who would be happy to have him back. Ferrell is not just good at coaching and managing the Clubhouse but he is also good with the political side of the game.

They have changed up the active roster, with four new pitchers, completely new catchers, three new infielders, and two new outfielders. Obviously the loved players are still around like Jacoby Ellsbury, Dustin Pedroia, Jon Lester, and David Ortiz.

People to look for this year are outfielder, Shane Victorino and infielder, Mike Napoli. Victorino has a .227 batting average, 11 home runs, and 55 runs batted in. Napoli has a .227 Batting average, 24 home runs, and 56 runs batted in. Just in the spring season with these new players the Red Sox are 0.500.

Boston’s baseball season is looking up, and fans are readily awaiting the season. If the players continue to improve the season is looking very bright for the team. Tell us what you think about this upcoming season.


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