Recovery Spotlight : Angel HoganCamp

Courtesy of Facebook

Courtesy of Facebook

This week the pioneer had the chance to sit down with,Sophomore, Angel HoganCamp about the struggles and the cause of her extended absence from school.

Q. What exactly happened to cause the accident?
A. “Well when me and my grandma were driving , we were about to merge onto a main road and a car slammed their breaks . Then the car off us slammed into them and we were to close and couldn’t do anything ,but crash into them .”
Q. Who else was injured and effected by the accident?
A. ” Only us . The car that caused the accident was fine and the one was crashed into was fine . Only we were injured and had our car really damaged!”

Q. How is your recovery process going?
A. ” Im still in a lot of pain , but I’m managing it all pretty well .”

Q. How long were you out of school ?
A. ” The accident happened during spring break and I came back on the Monday after . So about 2-3 weeks.”

Q. What did you do while you were out of school?
A. ” I worked on some work on schoology . Had a lot of doctor appointments. I went to Maine. I laied in bed a lot and tried to keep in touch with my friends and family .  Did a lot of Oovoo and facebooking , couldn’t do very much.”

Q. Did you miss school at all  and if so what did you miss?
A. ” Honestly  I did miss it . I missed me friends and the work ! I really just wanted to get out of my house.”

Lets all continue to keep Angel in our prayers and praise God that she has returned to us safe and sound !


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