Talent Spotlight : Jared Allain

At South Lancaster Academy there are many undiscovered talents students possess that we learn about all the time. Many of these skills include music , art , gymnastics, organized sports, cooking, and other unusual hidden talents.  For this segment, The Pioneer sat down with Freshman Jared Allain. He has recently unveiled his amazing ability to play the guitar  when he played in chapel spontaneously  , this came as a shocker to most of the SLA students who didn’t really know Jared. Here is a brief glimpse of how Jared got involved with playing guitar, as well as a glimpse at Jared’s other interests in life.

Courtesy of Allura Milliron

Name : Jared Allain
Grade : 9th

Q. How long have you been playing guitar?
A. ” I have been playing the guitar for  about seven years now.”

Q. What made you start playing?
A. ” My parents made me take lessons years ago. Now I’ve learned to like it.”

Q. What drives you to continue playing?
A. ” When I play , it helps me relax. Plus I enjoy it.”

Q. How many hours would you say you put into practice?
A. ” I really don’t practice that often.”

Q. What other hobbies do you have , besides playing the guitar?
A.”I like paint-balling , going  four wheeling ,  playing basketball, and I also enjoy going skiing in the Winter.”

Q. Have you ever thought about picking up any other instruments?
A. ” No , but if I did have to pick up another instrument it would probably be the drums.”

Q. Have you ever considered taking your musical abilities further in life and turning it into a career for yourself?
A.” No I probably wouldn’t pursue it as a career.  I will most likely go into construction working or something along those lines.”


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