SLA’s Radical New Dress Code Takes Effect Next Year

South Lancaster Academy has adopted an insanely strict new dress code and students are outraged! The Pioneer decided to ask Mr. Huff about why he would even consider changing the dress code this drastically for the upcoming 2013-14 school year.

The new dress code consists of a suit jacket, purple tie, and dress shoes for boys and a long sleeve white and purple dress for the girls. It seems that none of the SLA students are happy with this uniform. The enforcement of the new dress code is supposed to begin August 31st of this next school year.

Mr. Huff explained that he was tired of SLA students breaking dress code that he decided to try to teach everyone a lesson. “So many people were complaining about the old dress code, which wasn’t bad at all. I’m aware this new uniform is disliked and many people feel that it is unreasonable, but I will stand by my decision until further notice.” he stated.

An emergency class meeting has been scheduled next week to think of ways to prevent this uniform from being enforced. Some people believe in organizing a strike and marching around the school with picket signs, some people won’t even attend school until the rules change, and many are just going to refuse to wear it and hope the administration will give into the constant demands to get rid of this extremely unpopular uniform.

Some students were willing to voice their opinions on this new dress code. Their names have been withheld for their protection.

“I can’t even tell you how much I dislike the new clothes we have to wear to school. They are so annoying and nobody likes them. It’s just too much to get so dressed up for school, and the dresses the girls have to wear are so ugly.”

“I’ve never cared very much about the uniform here but this is just out of control. It’s gone way to far and we should not have to wear suits everyday. It’s ridiculous to go to school dressed this way.”

“I literally don’t even want to go to a school that would make its students wear uniforms like this. Even the old dress code, which I didn’t like, gave us a lot more freedom than we have now.”

Everyone, including most of the teachers, are hoping this uniform madness will come to an end. This could possibly be the worst dress code any school has ever had.




You believed me, didn’t you? It’s alright, so many other people fell for it too, even other students. The Pioneer decided to write an article fooling its readers for the fun of it.



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