How to Avoid an Unexpected End to Your Sports Season

English: Sports injury warning sign. Funny tho...

Sports injuries are becoming more common and more serious. It is very important to take the correct precautions to avoid a temporary or long-term injury. There are many basic steps that can help athletes avoid any potential injury incidents.

The best thing you can do for yourself before any exercise is warm up. Warming up should focus on easing into your activity, letting your muscles get warm, and participating in plenty of stretching. It is important to stretch every muscle that you will be using for your exercise. Stretching increases the range of motion in you can obtain.

Another important step to avoid injury can be done off the field, and that is eating right. Getting the proper nutrients to your muscles and bones is crucial for them to function properly. Malnutrition can cause muscle failure and fatigue, so to get the most out of your body you need to give it the best fuel. Consuming large amounts of junk food on a daily basis won’t keep your muscles in top shape and will make you more prone to sprains and other injury. Be strong and fit.

Yearly checkups are required to play most sports, but if you feel something is off, see a specialist. You know your body best, so listen to it. Sometimes what we don’t want to hear is what we need. Giving your body a break is important. But if you have to tak a break work on strengthening your weak spots, either by yourself or in Physical Therapy.

Know your field. You need to know the dangers on the field you are playing. For sports like lacrosse, football, soccer, and field hockey it is important to know whether you are on turf or grass. Change the way you play based on the field conditions. On turf you are less likely to receive a concussion from hitting your head on the ground, but you also have a greater chance of ankle and knee injuries than on grass. Most schools now have mandatory meeting for each sport for the parents that warn them the dangers of those sports. Don’t be afraid to take notes at those meetings to better protect you or your child.

If you have a preexisting medical condition and your doctor tells you to take it easy, listen to him. If you have a healing injury and you are giving instructions to get back into shape, listen to them. You do not want to push yourself beyond your limit. We are humans and we have limits. Let yourself work up to full strength before jumping back in. If you don’t you risk re-injuring, and that can be a longer road or more permanent situation.

Above all remember to have fun. Don’t be so overly cautious that it sucks the fun out. After all mental health matters to. Have fun and listen to your doctor and your body.


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