SLA Plans for Makeup Snow Days

There has been so much snow lately, causing hazardous conditions for drivers, student commuters, and school administrators. As a result, South Lancaster Academy and many other schools have been forced to take more snow days than were built into the school year schedule. With rumors flying rampant around the school about how student will have to make up these school days, The Pioneer sat down with the principal of South Lancaster Academy and Browning Elementary, Mr. Huff, to get a better idea of the school’s plans for student make-up days this spring.

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

“Five snow days have been taken this year. There were only two hazardous weather days planned [in the schedule] because there was a group of parents that came to the school board complaining that they did not want to start earlier in August to accommodate two or three additional snow days,” said Mr. Huff.

When asked about how the school was planning to make up the school days, the principal stated “I initially thought we would use a day out of spring break, but after looking at the weather situation and the calendar and discussing it with the school board, we elected to do Sunday schools – of course at the time of that decision there was only one day to make up, now there are three to make up.”

The possible Sunday dates are as follows: April 21,  April 28, and either May 12 or May 19 (both if necessary).  

Thinking about the possibility of another storm, Mr. Huff was asked if there will be any plans taken in case of another storm and if there were any more predicted. This is what Huff had to say, “Look into your crystal ball and forecast the weather!! I cannot predict them.” But then he mentioned, “I do have another trick up my sleeve if necessary, but it is not pretty.”

As to the questions of why the school can’t just add longer days on Fridays and whether the Sundays will be half days or not, here is your answer: “We can’t do Fridays…period. We are not allowed to, and yes, the makeup days will be four hour blocks.” replied Mr. Huff.

So there you have it folks. The unplanned snow days means Sunday school for South Lancaster Academy and Browning Elementary Students.

For seniors worrying about graduation being postponed, Mr. Huff had an answer for that too: “It’s not likely– that is why we make them [extra snow days] up!” Graduation will still be as planned no matter the weather…which is just eight weeks away!


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