SLA Hopes to Fare Well in Accreditation Process

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

From March 24th through the 27th, South Lancaster Academy will be going through the accreditation process. There will be an accrediting team visiting and inspecting the school. In order to inform students and parents about the school’s accreditation, The Pioneer asked Principal Mr. Huff about what is going to happen next week.

Accreditation is not recquired but it is somewhat necessary because it allows SLA’s diplomas to be accepted anywhere. It also allows people from our school to easly be able to transfer to other schools while still keeping the credits that they have already earned here. Without accreditation, high school credits earned here would not always be valid at other schools.

The accrediting team will be walking around the building and looking at our schools’ programs, activities, maintenance, structure, and finances. They will determine whether or not the school is running efficiently, and if something needs to be changed. The accrediting representatives are going to interview all of SLA’s faculty members, and some students as well. The interviewed students will most likely be asked for their opinion of the school as a whole, and how they feel about certain aspects of the school. Students are able to help out in the accreditation process by giving good reviews, being honest when interviewed, and having a positive attitude about the process.

It has been six years since the last time SLA went through accreditation. There are different levels of accrediation, depending on how well the school is rated by the accrediting team. When a school does not fare very well, they will start to get revisits every year or so and will be given a certain amount of time to fix the issues that the accreditors found with the school. Mr. Huff stated that he believes the accrediting team will be impressed with SLA and we will not have to be revisited for another six or seven years.


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