Spring Break Plans Abound for SLA Students


Many students here at South Lancaster Academy are looking forward to spring break next week. Most people enjoy spring break because they get a week off with none of the stress that comes from school, and they have more free time to spend with their family and friends. The Pioneer asked some students what they plan to do during spring break.

“I plan on studying for my permit test and I will enjoy relaxing and having more free time now that basketball season over. I will also be spending more time with my family which is a good thing because I haven’t seen them very much lately due to my busy schedule.” -Brandon Beneche

“All I’m going to do is sit, think, play music and not even listen to it, and lose my self-consciousness and stop being a person. I won’t be leaving the house at all from Friday afternoon until the morning that school starts again.” – Rudy Dormeus

“I am going to sleep a lot, hang out with my friends because I don’t usually have as much time with my friends during the school week, and play with my dogs. I’m going to have to work that week, too. I also might go snowboarding. ” – Josh Martin

“I will be on the mission trip to Kenya, which I am really happy about. It’s going to be really fun and I’m glad that I can be part of something that helps other people.” – Brenda Castro

53 People will be going on the mission trip to Kenya during spring break. The other students who aren’t going on the mission trip are happy about the free time they are going to have so they can go snowboarding, hang out with their friends, and many other things. How are you going to spend your time on spring break? Share in a comment.


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