Talent Spotlight: Deanna Brown

Courtesy of Deanna Brown

As we all already know, South Lancaster Academy has many talented students walking these halls everyday. Many students here play multiple instruments  and God had blessed them with that talent. This week The Pioneer had the opportunity to sit down with Freshman , Deanna Brown.

Name : Deanna Brown
Grade : Freshman

How many instruments do play?
“I currently am playing two instruments , the piano and the drums.”

How long have you played those instruments?
” I have played the piano since I was seven . The drums I started playing like a month ago.”

What made you start playing the piano and the drums?
” My mom basically forced me to start piano when I was little . The drums I’ve always liked and decided to try them out. I like rhythms.”

What is your favorite instrument ?” Like  I said I really like the drums. I like the beats and rhythms.”

What is the next instrument  you would like to start playing next , if you chose to play another one?”  I would choose to play the guitar . It actually seems like a really cool and fun thing to be able to play .”

God has blessed many of us with talents that we didn’t even know we possessed. Do you have a unknown talent?  Comment below and tell us your talent.



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