Preview of SLA’s Mission Trip to Kenya

On March 6, 2013, 53 South Lancaster Academy students and chaperones will embark on a mission trip to go to Kenya and help others. Mrs. Daum explained to The Pioneer what will be happening on this mission trip.

Courtesy of Africa Mission Services

Courtesy of Africa Mission Services

The missionaries will depart from Logan Airport in Boston, land at Heathrow airport in London, and then fly to Nairobi Airport in Kenya. Once they are in Kenya, they will be traveling by land rovers around Masai Mara, and staying in canvas bandas, a type of tent in Africa, in Mara West. They plan on reaching out to the people in Masai Mara and spreading the Word of God. They are going to go to Oloosinon Primary School, a school of over 500 kids, and provide worship services and art classes for the children to participate in. They will also help out by building a boy’s dormitory for some of the students who live at Oloosinon Primary School. The missionaries will take one day off to go on a safari. Then the missionaries will assist a medical clinic, and continue visiting people in the villages of Masai Mara.

Courtesy of Africa Mission Services

Courtesy of Africa Mission Services

Mrs. Daum stated that her goal for the mission trip is to provide support for the people of Masai Mara, Kenya. The Pioneer also asked some students about what their goal is for the mission trip. Junior Pablo Huerfano said that his goal for the mission to Kenya is, “To help as many people as I can, and to have a learning experience and hopefully meet new people.”

Senior Keanna Simmons said, “When we go to Kenya I want to help as many people as I can, make a positive impact, and gain something spiritually.”

The people who are going on the mission trip are going to make a positive impact on the people of Masai Mara. If you have any thoughts of encouraging comments for the mission trip to Kenya, post them in a comment below.


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