New England Patriots Offseason: Pay, Release, or Franchise?

The New England Patriots will face some difficult choices this summer. The team has Super Bowl-quality talent but several of their key players are free agents this summer. The Patriots have to determine whether they’re going to pay them and bring them back, release them and let them go, or franchise tag them. The SLA Pioneer decided to weigh in on what the Patriots should do with some key players.

Wes Welker

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Wes Welker: The Patriots All-Pro receiver has been one of Tom Brady’s favorite targets for the past few years, finishing as the Pats leading receiver multiple times. Most people believe that the Pats should bring Welker back, but the question is whether the Pats will franchise tag him for one year or sign him to a long-term contract. It clearly upset Welker when the Pats franchise tagged him last year, feeling as if he deserved more money and a multi-year contract. He proved with his play this year that, though he is getting older, he’s still one of the best receiver’s in the game. This writer personally thinks the Pats should sign Welker to a long-term deal and reward him for his consistent and productive play.

Brandon Lloyd

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Brandon Lloyd: Brandon Lloyd was brought in at the beginning of this season to be a deep threat weapon for Brady. With previous successful seasons on his resume, Lloyd had high expectations for his performance this year. Unfortunately Lloyd failed to play with the consistency that he had anticipated, despite pulling off several highlight receptions. Lloyd is also getting older like Welker, but his play seems to be declining in skill and his future in the NFL doesn’t seem to be very bright. This writer believes that the Pats should let Lloyd go and start developing some younger receivers they get in the draft.

Sebastian Vollmer

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Sebastian Vollmer: As of late, the Pats’ solid offensive linemen has played well . He’s helped solidify the right side of the line. Anyone who will help protect Brady should be considered a valuable player. Despite this, Vollmer has had a history of injuries, so it may not be a good idea to sign him long-term. The Pats would most likely be a better franchise if they tag him and instead of over-committing themselves.

What do you think the Patriots should do with these players? Leave a comment below!


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