Black History Month Spotlight : Gabby Douglas

Courtesy of Google

Courtesy of Google

Who? Gabby Douglas

What? First African American to win gold in the gymnast individual all-around event

When? At the 2012 Summer Olympics

In honor of Black History Month , the South Lancaster Academy Pioneer decided to write articles about significant African Americans who have done some pretty amazing, successful , incredible and remarkable feats. Gabby Douglas is a great example of this. She was the first African America to win gold in the gymnast individual all- around event.

Gabby Douglas was born on December 31, 1995 . Her first experience with gymnastics came at the age of 3 when she mastered the cartwheel , then by the age of 4 she mastered a one-handed cartwheel. Gabby’s mother saw her daughter’s interest in the sport and enrolled her in formal gymnastic classes at the age of 6 . After 2 years of practices and classes she was named Virginia States Gymnastic Champion.

After years of years work and practice Gabby claimed all of the top titles and trophies at her local gym. From then on she knew her goal would be to make it to the Olympics and in order to do that she needed the best coach around, Laing Chow; but in order to make her dream come true she would need to leave her family and friends in Virginia and move in with a hosting family in Iowa. She convinced her mother to let her and made the move.

Three years of practice, hard work , and dedication took Gabby to the 2012 Summer Olympics . It was there that she became the first African American to hold the highest title in Olympic Gymnastics.

Gabby is going to continue to work hard and plans to make it to the 2016 Summer Olympics to try to take the gold again.


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