Are the Celtics Better Without Rajon Rondo?

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The Boston Celtics have been doing great since all-star point guard Rajon Rondo went down with a torn acl, thus ending his season. Many analysts and critics expected the C’s to do poorly, suggesting that they trade one of their star players and go into rebuilding mode immediately. Instead, the Celtics have been defying the popular predictions, winning 8 of their last 9 games since Rondo’s injury. So of course this unexpected success prompts the questions, “Why are the Celtics winning?” and “Are the Celtics better without Rondo?”

Well one reason why the Celtics are doing better is that their players are playing better, harder, and with more chemistry. Veteran stars Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce have elevated their games, contributing on offense with scoring and passing. More importantly, the role players are stepping up too. Guard Jason Terry, one of the best bench players in the league, had been uncommonly unproductive for most of the season. Forward Jeff Green had seemingly been underachieving this season after a very good preseason showing. Swingman Courtney Lee, who had been one of the Celtics more heralded off-season acquisitions, had also been having a rough start to the season. Since Rondos injury all three of these players have stepped up offensively and defensively.

We asked a couple of students at SLA if they thought that the Celtics were better without Rondo.

Senior Ethan Comley ” That’s a tough one. No, I think the reason that they were struggling with him was because he wasn’t trying. I do think he’d try in the postseason and I think that the Celtics would be better in the playoffs with him.”

Sophomore Lisa Gifford, “I think they’ve come together as a team without him and have each stepped up in their roles and played better.”

Whether the Celtics are better without Rondo remains to be seen in the long term. However there’s definitely something different about the Celtics now. What that difference is, we can’t say for sure, but whatever it is it’s helping the C’s win their games.


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