What Not To Do on Valentine’s Day

Courtesy of Nakeyah Williams

Courtesy of Nakeyah Williams

Valentine’s Day is a day all about love and is a fun day for many people, but sometimes things don’t work out as planned. Some examples of things that could go wrong are getting in arguments with your Valentine, giving a bad gift, or not appreciating a gift. The Pioneer asked some students what they think is the worst thing someone could do on Valentine’s Day.

“One of the worst things is if she doesn’t appreciate my Valentine’s gift or she tells other people it was a bad gift.” – Kurtis Bakerlis

“The worst things a guy could do on Valentine’s day are kissing your sister, or asking you to be their Valentine through text instead of in person or on the phone.” – Nakeyah Williams

“It would be the worst day ever if the girl I thought was my Valentine secretly had another Valentine instead of me or if I got cheated on.” – Stephen LaFrankie

“A really bad thing that some girls do on Valentine’s Day is act disgusting and not brush her teeth or take a shower, and be really lazy and not want to do anything for Valentine’s Day.” – Samuel Holguin

“The worst thing someone could do on Valentine’s Day in my opinion is put you down even if it is unintentional.” – Isaias Santana

“If I had a Valentine the worst thing she could do is give a gift to someone else besides me and put way more thought into their gift than mine.” – Luis Reveron

“The worst thing is probably if he breaks up with you on Valentine’s Day or right before it. He could have broken up with you atleast a week before.” – Julia Silva

“I think the worst thing is if a guy acts like a jerk on Valentine’s Day and he doesn’t give you flowers or make you feel special.” – Mara Luna

These are only a few of the many bad scenarios that could take place on Valentine’s Day. What do you think is the worst thing people do on Valentine’s Day? Share in a comment.


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