The Rivalry Continues: SLA VS. Abby Kelley

On Saturday February 2, 2013 Abby Kelley and SLA boys and girls varsity basketball teams faced off in their second and final in league game for this season. The girls were the first game up and it was a thrilling, nail biting game, but the Lady Crusaders kept a strong lead and finished the game with a win of 46-34 leaving the Crusaders with a record of 13-3 and the Bears 9-11. The boys game was a close game until the half, when the Bears pulled away and won the game 60-23. Leaving Abby Kelley boys with a record of 15-4 and SLA with 11-2.

The Crusaders took an early lead but didn’t get the tip off with out Elena Shand who was out with a knee injury. The Bears put up a fight and pulled ahead for only a minute in the first half. But the Lady Crusaders picked up their game and stayed strong even when Melodie Kukome was assisted off the court with an ankle injury in the third quarter. Lydia Felt with 14 points and Lisa Gifford with 15 points lead the game for the Lady Crusaders.  The Crusader girls never let their lead fall and finished the game with a score of 46-34. Cileena Terra carried the Lady Bears with 12 points.

The Boys Crusaders were clearly unprepared and not ready for this game and it showed in their score. The Bears took the early lead and held it throughout the game, with only one small run by the Crusaders to close the lead to 4 points. In the second half the Crusader Boys only scored 6 points and Coach Cady decided to play the JV Alternatives. High scorers for Abby Kelley were Hector Ozuna and Kwesi Ewusi both with 15 points. Kofi Omane led the Crusaders with 10 points.

When Coach David Cady of the Crusaders was asked about the loss he stated, “These boys(the Bears) have been practicing all week. While we have been off playing back to back games. They were preparing for this and we weren’t.”

These games both had two very different outcomes and have left the SLA girls with a strong hold with the number one possession for the league and the Bears and Crusader Boys tied for the league right now. Do you think these teams will hold their spots? Leave a comment below!


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