Tears of Remembrance: Dedicated to the Memory of Sarai Sierra

Tears of Remembrance 

Courtesy of Google Images

Courtesy of Google Images

Sarai Sierra,

Wife of one,

Mother of two,

One of three children.

Generous to all,

loving to many,

and trusting to a fault.

Always curious,

not usually so serious,

brought a smile

to all she would entreat

to see her numerous and amazing feats.

A photographer of much,

a respecter of all,

took a terrible fall

that brought sadness to us all.

Gone forever,

she will never,

take a stand by her man

through life’s many demands.

Or be able to hold her children’s hands

as they wade through obstacles difficult to understand.

As if banned,

from the most precious things in life.

We miss her dearly!

The mother, daughter, cousin, friend and wife.

Lord help us cope

with all this “smoke”.

Help us stand

Cause I really don’t understand!


It just hurts so bad.

Dear family, friends, and readers,

This poem is dedicated to the memory of Sarai Sierra. Even though many of us are struggling with the gruesome and tragic details that surround her death, we remember her not as she died but for who she was. We remember her for her influence, constant presence, dedication to her family, passion for food, and love for God. Sarai is someone who we all loved and will miss dearly. The many prayers, best wishes, and concern that is being shown to our family is greatly appreciated and felt. There is nothing better to have in difficult times then a community of people who are there to support you through any means they can. We just want to say thank you for everything and share with you a glimpse of the wonderful family member Sarai was and what makes her special to us. Through the pain, we smile for the blessing she was to all she met and all that she stood for.

The Sierra Family



About JayJay Sierra

I enjoy to laugh. Love God and have an appreciation for art and music of all types. But with all this in mind I still really enjoy writing on a variety of subjects and styles.

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