10 Commandments for Kids Pt.1


Courtesy of Distinctive Church Collection

In Exodus 20, God gives us a set of laws, called the 10 Commandments, to live by. Parents, teachers, pastors, and other adults are constantly telling children to obey different commandments, and ask for them to be recited, but can we expect people to truly obey before they are understood? The South Lancaster Academy Pioneer recently sat down and explained the 10 commandments in an easier way, so people of all ages can understand them.

1. ” Thou shall have no other gods me”– God always comes first. In this fast-paced society we live in it is very easy for priorities to get messed up and twisted, but a way to keep God first in all things has to be figured out. God is a very jealous God, and he doesn’t like things coming in between our relationship with him. By jealousy, God only wants the best for us and nothing less, and it hurts Him to see us settle for anything but the top. God also knows that He is the only way to get there.

How? Just like any relationship, building a relationship with God takes time, hard work, and dedication. Everyone has trouble trying to fit God into their busy lives, but if we remember to put God first, all our other things will fall in place.

2. ” Thou shall not make unto Me any graven image”– Worship the true God and only him. Do not worship statues of him or any other religious being, or anything besides God. In addition to what is clearly stated, this commandment better fits in by saying to not get caught up in earthly things and forget our heavenly beings up above. Making a graven image before God can even include becoming addicted to the newest video game. TV show, sports, etc. The point is that we should never focus on something so much that we forget about God.

How? This is one of the hardest commandments to follow considering that earthly things are so entertaining, but just ask God. Do not just ask him to make you put him first, but rather for you to have the desire to put God first instilled in you.

3. “Thou shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain”– Of course this commandment means refrain from saying things like; “oh my God”, “Goddamn”, and even ” oh my gosh.” This commandment also means that if we say we live for God we should act like it and not mock our creator. It is a lot easier to say that you are a christian and love God, but it is a lot harder to actually do it. This commandment wants us to show others the love God is constantly bestowing upon us.

How? Be nice, loving, and actually care about representing your faith. If we actually acted like Christ, more people would want to get to know Him. Of course, following this commandment takes prayer, but it can start taking place with walking the walk each day.

4. “Remember the Sabbath(7th) day to keep it holy…” – The fourth commandment is the only commandment that starts out with Remember, meaning that this commandment is always in effect, and always will be. It is also the only place where it mentions God’s title, name and territory. God was very thoughtful and generous when we made the Sabbath. He gave six days for ourselves (we still need to honor God those other days), and all He asks for in return is for us to take time out of our busy lives and give a day to thanking and admiring all our Creator has done for us. God wants us to rest. He knows how tiring life can get and gave us a day of rest, where all He wants is our worship.

How? God rested, blessed, gave, and set aside the Sabbath for our benefit all that is left to be done is acceptance. On Saturday’s go to church, spend time with family, nature, do something to remember and honor the Creator. Participate only activities that glorify God rather than self,and don’t do any work.

5. ” Honor thy father and mother”– There is no other earthly being that loves you more than your parents. I know that they can be annoying, strict, and party pooper’s but God still wants us to honor them. It may not seem that they know best but they have grown up and have more experience. In this commandment God also wants us to respect other authoritative figures, because it molds us into how we treat others including God. If we can not treat our mothers or fathers with respect how can we treat God or future spouse’s with respect? Exactly, we will not be able to, because we won’t know how.

How? Although it may seem otherwise, our elders know what they are doing. Ask God for patience when dealing especially with parents. Show the people around you that you love them and care about them. The next time your parents tell you something you disagree with, maybe not listen immediately but take it into consideration. What we don’t use now we may use later.

It may seem that God is just giving us a bunch of laws to follow, which He is, but if we do follow them it will benefit us more than anything else. Its hard to obey when it feels like the world is telling you what to do, but the next time you don’t know who to listen to look back in Exodus 20, or other places in the bible to see what God has to say.

Keep on checking back for part two, and feel free to comment about how the 10 commandments apply to you and how they are incorporated in your life.


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