A Blast From the Past and Peek Into the Present: SLA Then & Now

A couple of years ago, actually 10 years ago, I, Jennifer Sierra, was in third grade. In looking back upon that school year, I have some of the best memories. My teacher at the time and who still presides over the same grade, was Mrs. Ford. She was my friend’s grandmother, a member of the same church, and a wonderful educator. For the sake of readers, alumni, students, and parents the SLA Pioneer is going to delve into the past and present of Browning elementary.

Let me introduce to you Johnathan Bruneus. An energetic 3rd grader with a passion for jokes. Constantly in a state of motion and activity, this young student is a “joy to have around” and is never lacking in a friendly spirit. So we asked him what he thought of this school year so far.

Courtesy of Nakeyah Williams

Courtesy of Nakeyah Williams

How do you like school?: I like it very much! I like math and I like my teacher.

What’s the classroom like?: Its mostly nature. Its like a painting on the back wall and the bunk bed and a really cool alphabet with animals for each letter. We also have animals. We draw them all of the time while we learn about them. It makes me feel like in million places at once. I am like in nature! Its cool.

In your class, what is your favorite activity and why?: My favorite activity was opening the pumpkins for carving them. It was fun counting the seeds and it was the first time I ever counted them. But my really favorite activity math, dear time, gym , and music. Oh and I can’t forget recess!

At recess, what games do you play? Which one is your favorite?: Simon says, jump rope, basketball, catch, soccer, tag, swing competitions.

What was your favorite holiday activity so far in 3rd grade?: My favorite holiday was Thanksgiving and making the stone soup. It was gooood. I ate four bowls of soup!

How do you like your teacher?: Mrs. Ford is my teacher. I like her because she gives us treats allot all the time when we behave and she is a good teacher. She is funny, she tells really good stories about her farm and horses and she is kind.

Now when it comes to home work, how hard would you say it is?: The home work is not that hard. It is right in between. Sometimes it can be a little tough. But most of the time it is really easy. Looking back about 10 years, we come to my 3rd grade experience. Here are my responses to the same questions but just from an older perspective.

How did you like school?: It was really fun. I enjoyed it because it was the perfect combo of the past, present, and future in one learning curriculum.

Courtesy of Creative Studios

Courtesy of Creative Studios

What was the classroom like?: The classroom was like a learning adventure. Decorated with different a different theme every month, we had a somewhat hands on learning experience that was different from most schools. It was like stepping into a play, with a miniature house, a reading loft, soft cushioned barrels, real tepees  fish in brightly lit tanks, and birds in their airy cages. Comfortable is the word that would best describe the 3rd grade class room.

In your class, what was your favorite activity and why?:  Back in the day, just kidding. Even now, my favorite thing to do is read. Which in 3rd grade we called dear time. My class got to rotate turns in listening to to stories on tape and reading in a special spot like the loft, cove, cozy corner, teepee, reading barrels.

At recess, what games did you play? Which one was your favorite?: At that point in time, I would probably say my favorite was jump rope or four square. Both were really fun to play, but so was seven up or fruit basket-upset on a rain day in the class room. Most days though you could find a game of soccer, sky tag, or an intense see-saw match to see who could push everyone the highest.

What was your favorite holiday activity so far in 3rd grade?:  Out of all the holidays that we celebrated in 3rd grade Thanksgiving was the funnest. With activities like a special story, movie, drawings, and songs. But the best part of that day was when we all got out our chopping boards and made stone soup, a vegetable based soup with veggie-meat in it. Afterwards we played some games too.

How do you like your teacher?: Mrs. Ford was awesome! She had a gentle personality that worked well with everyone. She was patient and taught me to love reading and art.

Now when it comes to home work, how hard would you say it was?: Home work was not too bad. It was a challenge at times but it was the normal load with at least two 10-15 minute assignments a night.

So even with some changes here and there, I think it is safe to say that the most important principles are still the same no matter the change in class room or year. We are still Browning Elementary, a school that values Christian education and is a safe learning environment for students of all backgrounds.

Let me know what you thought of your elementary days. Was it similar? If so how? Was there just one teacher that stood out to you or that was a major influence in your life? Is there someone who you credit with making you see learning in a different light? Is there someone or something that stands our in your memory? What were some struggles or triumph that you had as you went through school? Do you think Christian education is worth the price? Do you think public school has many benefits or is more advancing in their curriculum or environment?


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