Living for God: SLA Commences Student Week of Prayer

Courtesy of Yearbook

Courtesy of Yearbook

This week, January 28- February 1, SLA commenced our annual Student Week of Prayer. Our spiritual theme for this year is “Experiencing Him” which coordinated with our theme for the week, “Living for God.” Student weeks of prayer are unlike the others held during the year because instead of inviting a speaker to preach for the week, students pastors are given the opportunity to create their own sermons and present them to us. It’s a good example of how God can speak through anyone, and can make them reach out to others in ways that no one sees. God’s work in people’s lives can be visible, but most importantly it’s also invisible, and sometimes we miss it. Weeks of prayer in general are really special because even though we don’t always see an immediate change, it always reaches out to someone’s heart, and that’s all that matters.

The student pastors that have given their sermons this week are Junior, Brandon Beneche; Senior, Rosalba Valera; Sophomore, Amber Sanchez; Sophomore, Dylan Gibbons; and Freshmen, Edyn-Mae Stevenson.

As all indivuals are different, each of them has a unique way of presenting things. Brandon started his sermon Monday morning by portraying an image of his own life, and joining it together with his point to give base to his words. When asked about his week of prayer experience so far, he responded: “I’ve really liked it! I’ve seen God working through the speakers and it’s been a blessing to be a part of. I felt like God was telling me that He wanted to use me to talk about the importance of having a daily connection with Him (for example: reading a devotional book about the bible and praying) because it helps lay a foundation for your faith.”

Rosalba has always had an interesting way of pouring her thoughts into the message she delivers. She began on Tuesday morning by presenting multiple points from different sources such as Ellen G. White, about body cleansing and listening to God. In the end, she pieced it all together wonderfully, and I know God is voicing his thoughts out through her and the rest of the speakers. “I’m loving week of prayer.” Rosalba states. “Because it’s done by the youth, for the youth, and for God.” When asked why she chose her sermon, she responded, “I felt it was necessary for everyone tohear a practical sermon live a better life.”

Edyn-Mae’s sermon touched a really interesting topic Wednesday morning which applies to all of us. We all judge each other, whether we can help it or not, our brain subsconciously does it. The problem with some of us is that we take it to an extreme, and spread our thoughts around, putting everyone down around us to hoist ourselves higher. She spoke about how we shouldn’t try and force Jesus on other people, but show them Jesus instead. Jesus gives us love for everybody, and sometimes it’s not easy to show it, but we should pray for the strenghth to do as such.

Dylan’s sermon Thursday morning was about a rarely-spoken topic, worship. People rarely think about what worshipping God really means. Are we just going through the motions or are we sincere about it? When asked why he choose this sermon, he told SLA Pioneer: “Because I feel as if worship was a commonly unspoken topic that we needed to cover.” He also added his thoughts on week of prayer, “I’m enjoying it a lot, the prayer circle is really good.” The prayer circle originated from the spiritual leadership retreat a few months ago. After chapel, whoever wants to join the circle can do so, we all voice our prayer requests if we have any, and then we pray about all of them. It’s a really good way to connect with people and learn about them, while speaking to God at the same time.


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