SLA’s Sportsmanship: the Unseen Player on the Court

South Lancaster Academy has always been proud of their sports program and the culture of sportsmanship from the members of the program. Players, coaches, and supporters all expect the best from each individual involved, no matter what the situation.

As a player, I know it’s not always easy putting a smile on your face when you feel a referee made a bad call, or you were just shoved to the ground, which is why it is such a respectable act for one to simply get up, brush themselves off, and walk away without retaliation.Yet somehow many of the SLA players can do it again and again. How? Well we think about who we are representing and that we need to be stronger for our teammates and ourselves.
If you were to ask any of the boys varsity team about a technical foul they would joke about it, but they know it is not a light subject. The consequence for a technical is being benched. Our coaches have high standards for our skill, but even higher standards for our attitudes. At the beginning of the season the coaches tell each individual that they were looking for players with good attitudes both on and off the court. When the coaches make the tough decision at the beginning of the season of who makes the cut, they often consider the team dynamic and which combination of players will have the best attitudes. Both the boy’s and girl’s varsity teams have a motto that empowers them to do better. “It’s not about us, it’s about God”, is chanted almost every huddle for the girls varsity basketball team. The guys live by the rule of God, Family, School, Basketball, for them those are the order that they put their life together.

When our players do get discouraged or angry, many turn to Christ to help maintain composure. On the court many of us are praying consistently to ask for God’s wisdom. Just watch girls’ varsity captain Elena Shand as she plays; you’ll notice her whispering and closing her eyes during time outs. Listening to God can be very difficult and when our eyes leave him our attitudes go downhill from there.

Even the coaches have a hard time listening to God sometimes. Varsity Girls Basketball Coach Carolyn Gifford would tell you “Sometimes it can be hard to make the right call for the team. Whether it being who needs to play and who needs a breather. We’ve had some really rough games this year and I have had to keep my players and us coaches in check by calling time outs or letting them think about what happening their last few plays and then realize who they are representing.”

God is our unseen man on the court during practice and games, who’s yours? God gives us a positive outlook on everything and helps us understand that we never have a failure, only a lesson. We can not always be the best but we can go far with God.


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