SLA’s Student Association Hosts Mystery Masquerade Banquet

Courtesy of Nakeyah Williams

Courtesy of Nakeyah Williams

This year the Student Association at SLA is putting together a banquet called “Get A Clue.” Get A Clue will be the first masquerade banquet that South Lancaster Academy has ever had. The event will have a mystery theme involving riddles. The Pioneer asked some SA members, as well as other SLA students, how they predict the banquet will go this year.

“The theme is “Get a Clue.” It makes the whole banquet sketchy and mysterious. There will be a 4 course meal with an ice cream bar. The activity is a clue-based game that will be a lot of fun. I advise everyone to go.” – Elena Shand, SA Vice President

“People usually like mystery, and since we will be solving a mystery I think everyone will enjoy this banquet. There’s a fun clue game and there are suspectes who are people in the school and everyone has to figure out who committed the crime by solving riddles. We chose for it to be a masquerade to go along with the mystery theme. ” – Lisa Gifford, SA Secretary

“I figure I should go because I’m a Junior and I’ve never been to a school banquet before. I think there will be good food, and fun activities. People will have a good time with their friends.” – Brandon Beneche, Junior

“I think it will be very interesting. Most of the time at banquets the activities aren’t coordinated very well. I think this time it will be different, and everyone will be involved in the mystery and it will be fun.” – Alena Bruso, Sophomore

It appears that many students will be attending the masquerade. The people who attend will also vote for people to be Princess, Prince, King, and Queen.Mariah Malone, Roxanne Bruso, and Fransalina Noel are nominated to be Princess. Jordan Leplatte, Isaac Valera, and Lucas Raposo are nominated to be Prince. Tia Allain, Kenisha Malcolm, and Keanna Simmons are nominated to be Queen. Helio Ferreirra, Kofi Omane, and Josue Reveron are nominated to be King.The people who plan on going believe it will be a fun banquet, especially because of its mystery theme.

The banquet will be from 6:30 to 9:30, and will take place at White Cliffs in Northborough. All girls who are attending need to get their dresses approved first. It costs $20 for a ticket.


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