Do New Year’s Resolutions Result in a New You?


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Every year people across the United States look forward to January 1st. It is the start of a new year, and an opportunity to change bad habits and make new resolutions. Plans to lose weight, build better relationships, become a better person, and do better in school are common resolutions that are made, but not always fulfilled. Just because a new year starts, does that mean that people become new as well? The South Lancaster Academy Pioneer, recently sat down with a few students to discuss their New Year’s resolutions and opinions on how much commitment and belief they put into them

When asked the question of how New Year’s resolutions play into her life, Junior, Amanda Bakerlis answered by saying, ” Yes. I think New Year’s Resolutions are worthwhile, and I have tried them out on my self. This year to do better in school, but like ones in the past, I probably will not be successful. But some people are always successful because they have consistency and hard work.”

Senior, Keanna Simmons, was asked the same question, and in response she answered,” NO! Nobody is real to themselves. More than half of the resolutions tried end up in failure. I have tried it before and I was successful, but I do not believe in them anymore. People don’t change overnight. From December 31st to January 1st the only thing that changed is the date on the calendar.”

Sophomore, Angel Hogan Camp, answered a little differently by saying, ” I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions, because they are always broken. However, I do believe in setting up realistic short-term goals for yourself to accomplish, but not a sudden change, but with baby steps. I think if people set little realistic goals for themselves the results would be a lot more successful.”

It was once said that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Taking that into consideration we can remember that a change in ourselves cannot take place overnight. The problem is not with New Year’s Resolutions, it is with setting big goals and getting discouraged when we aren’t successful. This year we all can start a journey to make changes within ourselves throughout this new year. Then at the end of this year we can look back and see how far we’ve come. Try starting with something simple, like saying something nice to someone everyday, and then work on ourselves from there. Most importantly do not forget we have a Father up above to help us on our journey and keep whatever commitments we set our minds to.

What are some New Year Resolutions you have done in the past, and were they successful?


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