Crusader Teams Blow Away the Eagles

On Saturday January 12, 2013 the SLA Boys Junior varsity, Girls Varsity and Boy’s Varsity Basketball teams all beat the Bethany Christian Eagles. The  girls varsity game had the biggest lead of 71-23. The Boys JV won 47-37 and the Boys varsity won 48-39. Bethany Christian had the heart and enthusiasm but, their shots just didn’t fall.

The JV game was first. The crowds built up quickly knowing that tonight their admission fee was well worth it. The game was clearly tight at times, but the Crusaders took the lead and held it throughout the entire game. Freshman Nick Morin lead the game for the boys with 14 rebounds and contributed to the score along with Freshman Isaias Santana and Freshman Aaron Comley.

The SLA Varsity girls were sandwiched between the boy’s games for the night. When the girls ran on the court the bleachers were already full and amped up from the previous game. The Crusader girls took the lead early and held it. To them this was a night to redeem themselves from their 5 point loss to North Brookfield. All the players shared the floor tonight and playtime wasn’t scarce for the Crusader Girls. Elena Shand broke her previous game high of 18 points with a new game high of 22 points. Senior Melodie Kukome also broke her game high by getting 18 points. Sophomore Lisa Gifford scored 13 points and many of the assists for the night came from Seniors Deanna Howard and  Rosalba Valera. At half time the score was 28-10. The crusaders scored 43 points in the second half making the final score 71-23 in favor of SLA.

The Crusader Varsity Boy’s had a tremendous crowd when their game came around, the extra bleaches had already been pulled out. There was no shy of excitement for the boys game as well. The crusaders had to fight for their lead from the start. At half time the Crusaders were ahead 24-21. Yet the light in the Eagles faded away in the second half and the Crusaders lunged at that opportunity. The final score was 48-39. Senior Adam Gagnon lead the Crusaders on the Board with 13 points. Andrew Riel with 15 points and Chris Caughey 11 points lead the Eagles.

All the games were a battle to the end, but SLA just ended up on the top tonight. Both of SLA’s varsity teams play this Saturday Night January 19, 2012 against North Central Charter School. The SLA Crusaders Boy’s varsity are now 7-1 and the Girls varsity are 8-2. The BCA Boys varsity team is now 6-4 and the Girl’s Varsity is 3-4. SLA Boys JV now has a record of 6-2 after their Clinton win on Monday January 13.


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