SLA’s Boys Varsity Blows Home Opener

Picture Courtesy of Ethan Comley

Picture Courtesy of Ethan Comley

South Lancaster Academy’s boy’s varsity basketball team tragically lost their first game of the season at home to the Ayer Panthers, 61-59. Despite leading for most of the game, the combination of poor guard play, costly fouls, and motivated play from the Panthers caused the Crusaders to lose the game in literally the closing seconds.

The first quarter was very emotional. The guys were very pumped up for their first game. Unfortunately that emotion manifested itself in bad ways, causing the guys to pursue offensive rebounds and steals instead of getting back on defense. This caused the Panthers to get several easy fast-break points. Thankfully, some wise words of advise from their coaches got the guys back into the right frame of mind. The improvement made in the first quarter led to a motivated second quarter that resulted in the guys gaining a ten point lead by half time.

Things began to go downhill after half-time. The Panthers got six quick points, bringing the lead down to a couple of buckets. The Crusaders were able to temporarily recover with consistent, but only adequate, scoring. The Panthers continued to play with emotion and motivation. By the end of the third quarter the Crusader’s solid lead seemed very vulnerable.

The motivation that the Panthers displayed in the third quarter only grew in the fourth. The Crusaders seemed to be playing not to lose as opposed to playing to win. To make matters worse Senior point guard, and leading for the game, Kofi Omane began cramping up to to playing the whole game. Combined with the fact that Senior forward Adam Gagnon, another crucial scorer and play maker, fouled out of the game early on, the guys were left with little scoring options. The boys struggled with turnovers, allowing Ayer to score many easy baskets in transition. That combined with poor defensive rotations fueled the Panthers to a 29 to 12 run. In the end, the Crusaders gave up a layup with seven seconds in the game. The boys were unable to rally together to stop the panthers, losing the game 61-59.

The games leading scorers were Tyler Gaetz, 24, for the Panthers and Kofi Omane, 17, for the Crusaders.

Despite feeling the pain of defeat, the guys have been motivated. Now knowing what it feels like to lose a close game, the guys have moved forward with a renewed focus on winning their league and ultimately making a run in the playoffs.


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