Is PDA at SLA Getting Out of Control?

Recently, Mr. Huff expressed some concerns at a chapel to SLA about slight disturbances caused by public displays of affection from students who are currently involved in relationships. He expressed disapproval towards certain gestures, and was later interviewed by The Pioneer staff for a clearer view.

A couple of questions came to mind concerning this topic, including the adults perspective on it – why it needs to be controlled and what exactly needs to be controlled.

What? – “I personally prefer hands and lips off. No touching. That’s the gold standard. But I’m not gonna be examining the cameras or anything. It just gets obnoxious.”

Why? – “Well quite frankly it makes other students and adults uncomfortable, it’s awkward. It has nothing to do with jealousy, it has everything to do with the uncomfortable feeling it brings. It shows a lack of discipline and focus on self.”

Faculty’s Opinion: “I’m not really in touch with it since I’m not in the hallway very much,” High school English teacher, Mr. Fellows told SLA Pioneer. “But from what students have told me, some of them are kind of turned off from the more intimate displays. It can be tacky at times. I think there’s a time and a place for everything.”

“I’m happy he talked about it,” High school Bible teacher and Chaplain, Pastor Nino added, “some couples are like white on rice!”

Lastly, Mr. Bisson commented, “Yeah, I think it’s inappropriate. It sends the wrong message if people are hugging and laying all over each other. I mean, I appreciate that people care about each other, but there’s a time and place for everything.”

Students were also asked to express their opinions on the matter, and Junior Jannice Grunder shared her thoughts. “It’s not awkward to me at unless they’re heavy duty making out…” and then Sophomore Alex Castro quickly added, “Yeah, it’s not awkward if its not for long periods of time. If it’s just a hug in between classes then its okay to me.”

“I mean some people take it too far.” Junior Alyssia Cutler replied. “I’m okay with it to an extent. If they’re hardcore making out, then it’s awkward. Other than that, I don’t really care.”

Lastly, Sophomore Amber Snachez told SLA Pioneer, “I’m fine with it I guess, but if you’re making out in the hallway then obviously I feel uncomfortable.”

So in conclusion, and judging by the opinions given, if students maintain PDA to a minimal and keep it appropriate, then the situation will be more at ease with everyone. As previously stated, there’s a time and place for everything, and we must maintain respect for certain circumstances and the people who take part in them.


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