Special Report: Can two minutes make or break your schedule for the day?

Every day, South Lancaster Academy is supposed to start school at 8:00 am. All school schedules reflect this fact, and all students state that school always starts at 8:00 am every morning. But does does the school day really begin at this time? The Pioneer has launched an investigation into the matter.

This morning when the first bell rang, I checked the time on my phone, and it said 7:58. I’ve heard several other students mention that they noticed the first bell ringing early on multiple occasions as well. So in reality, school doesn’t start at 8:00, it starts at 7:58. We have two minutes less to get ready for the school day ahead of us, and those two minutes can make a big difference for many people. Those two minutes can be the difference between being on time or being marked tardy by your teacher, the time it takes to get all of your books and other supplies that you need, or the time you need to get to your locker and back to your classroom. The Pioneer interviewed some students to see how they felt about the time they have to get to their first class every morning.

“I don’t like the fact that the bell rings at the wrong time every morning because it stresses me out. Sometimes I get here literally a few minutes right before 8:00 am and it’s not fair for me to get marked late for my first class if I should really have two more minutes.” – Igor Delinski, Sophomore

“I find it very inconvenient and it can cause people to rush to class without their supplies.” – Josue Reveron, Senior

“I don’t have always have a huge problem with the bell ringing early, but I have on occasion. There have definitely been a few instances where it made me late to my class.” – Edyn-Mae Stevenson, Freshman

“I have a massive problem with the bell ringing too early because I think its violating the time that we are supposed to have before our classes start for the day. I dislike the fact that they say the bell rings at 8 every morning but it really doesn’t.” – Samuel Holguin, Junior

It seems to be that most of the students here at SLA realize that they are being told that they have two more minutes than they actually have to get prepared for their class every morning, and it can become a hassle for many of them. The bell ringing too early is something that doesn’t get many positive reactions from the kids trying to get to all of their classes on time.

What do you think of the 8 o’clock bell actually being a 7:58 bell? Do you think it would make a significant difference in your schedule? Share in a comment below.


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