Adventist Churches Around the World Band Together For an Important Cause


Courtesy of Alabama Catholic Resources

In March 2012, Seventh-day Adventist pastor Antonio dos Anjon Monteiro in Togo, Africa was arrested for supposed involvement in a murder conspiracy about trafficking human blood. Along with Monteiro, two other Christians were arrested with him. The three men were accused by a man who had previously confessed to the murder of 20 girls, his reasoning being for working for a criminal ring that trafficked human blood.

At the dawn of the arrest many Adventists in Togo immediately objected and claimed that Monteiro was falsely accused. The police searched Monteiro’s local church headquarters and home for evidence, but it all came up clean. In response, those who were not a fan of Monteiro got the media involved and printed newspapers with photos showing blood containers alongside stories telling details and “proving” the allegations against Monteiro.

At the sight of such blasphemy the church immediately got involved. They protested against the charges and pleaded for the release of Monteiro. Monteiro’s own exoneration is being prevented due to assumed association with a string of mysterious murders that took place in Togo this past year.

Midway through September, the leaders of the Togolese church met with the government officials to resolve the case. Good feedback was received from the results of the meeting, with many realizing that the Togolese government thinking that they only had to deal with one church instead of all the churches around the world.

To speed up the process of Monteiro’s hopeful release, the World Church was contacted and in result decided to make a World Wide Day of Pray and Fasting, to show the Togolese people how serious they were and aren’t backing down.

This past Saturday, December 1, the day of fasting and prayer was put into action. Church members around the world participated in day of fasting. Some started from Friday night until Saturday night with only eating something light and fruit juices, and others fasted just on Saturday, and some just prayed. Unfortunately, Montiero has not been released yet, but if we still continue to work hard and pray, God will bless our efforts and the truth will set us free.

If you are interested in helping free Monteiro, the other imprisoned men, and the people of Togo, feel free to visit and click on the Seventh-day Adventists: Pledge to Pray4Togo petition. Although we may not know Monteiro personally we need to remember and think about what would Jesus do?

“”The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” –Matthew 25:40


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