Patriots vs. Jets: A One Sided Rivalry

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The New England Patriots’ thrashing of the New York Jets on Thanksgiving day has been the most recent demolishing in a long line of rivalry games. After becoming one of the most heated and brutal rivalries in the entire NFL a few years ago, the competitive nature of these meetings has slowly gone down over the years. After winning their fifth straight game versus the Jets, it’s become clear that the Patriots are the more dominant team in this rivalry. What’s been the key to the New England’s emergence as the better of the two teams?

The biggest difference in the past two years has been the level of talent. While the Patriots have continued to grow as an organization, the Jets have gotten progressively worse. The Patriots have had 10 different players named to the past two Pro Bowl  teams ( 5 players appearing in both). The Jets have only had 4 players appear during the same span.

When you consider the fact that three of the Jets Pro Bowlers were offensive linemen and the other one was on defense, (granted it was Darrelle Revis) it’s clear that the Jets are lacking talent in the offense department.

Also, another aspect of New York’s decline could be the lack of team discipline. While the Patriots, under head coach Bill Belichick, preach taking things one day at a time, fixing mistakes, and  working hard to fill individual roles, the Jets, under coach Rex Ryan, have been constantly in the headlines for various controversial quotes, situations, outbursts, and disappointing play. One of the most valuable traits of an NFL coach is the ability to be a leader of men. While Ryan may be the more charismatic of the two, Belichick’s consistent success speaks for itself, winning 5  Super Bowls as a coach in the NFL and 3 with the Pats.

A recent example of the Jets lack of discipline has been the anonymous criticism of, backup quarterback Tim Tebow. A couple weeks ago, several Jets players anonymously criticized Tebow, calling him a terrible and implying that he’s a bad quarterback. A losing season in a city of expectations may not have been the best time for an unnecessary and unproductive ripping of a backup player.

When asked if he thought that the Jets/Pats rivalry was competitive, Senior Ethan Comely said, ” Currently no. It seems like the Patriots have figured out the Jets. Unless the Jets make a lot of improvements things won’t be competitive.  It’ll still be a rivalry though.”

In addition, Junior Erik Kline said, “No. I think Rex Ryan is fake and a bad coach and their whole team is overrated. They just can’t compete.”

Despite being a big Patriots fan, there is part of me that hopes that the Pats and Jets can continue their intense and entertaining rivalry. It gives me something to look forward to on Sundays. What’s your view of the rivalry? Feel free to leave a comment below!


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