A Page From Us: SLA Pioneer Staff Debut!

This year has been amazing. Full of articles ranging in topic from the latest CD’s, fashion, natural disasters, and the relevance of the bible, the SLA Pioneer and it’s staff has striven to make every edition interesting, informing, and uplifting. Well here is a view behind the pages of our newspaper, the people that keep it alive and here for you. The Staff!

So I Jennifer Sierra, decided to interview my fellow writers and publishers. Each staff member sat down with me to better understand the different personalities, faces, and talented people who make up our newspaper faculty. Here are the questions each person answered:

Q: Why did you choose to apply to the Pioneer staff?

Q: How do you plan to make an impact through your position here at the newspaper?

Q: What is the value or importance of a newspaper to a school, community, or individual?


By Nakeyah Williams

Brandon Benech:
Years at SLA: 13
Chief Executive Editor

The reason I joined the SLA Pioneer was because I saw it as an opportunity to do something different. Another reason why I joined the staff was because I like to write. But when I think of the impact a newspaper can have, I realize that i want to raise awareness of school news and encourage other students to be informed about their school. And knowing all the above, I never fail to acknowledge the importance of giving people a voice and a chance to know what is going on around them, which is why a newspaper or any periodical is vital.

Kenisha Malcome:
Years at SLA: 12
Junior Executive Editor

I joined the staff because it’s senor year and I wanted to do something different while learning  about what journalism really is. As for desired impact, I want to be apart of something meaningful and helping inform others around me with what I know. But most importantly is how people value a paper. It varies from person to person. Yet in most cases, people value a newspaper because of news, understanding, and exposure to the world around them in a different light and person format.

Natalia Perez
Years at SLA: 5
News Section Editor

I joined the Pioneer because I have a passion for writing and I love everything that has to do with journalism. While being part of the staff, I have many experiences that I think would be helpful to others. So in my current position, I hope to impact students for the better and help them deal with certain situations and experiences in a more informed manner. A passionate and communicative person myself, I think the value in a newspaper lies in the stories, voices, and meanings behind each story. Depending on how one relates to their audience, determines how vital the source is to the researcher, listener, and reader when it comes to important issues.

Lisa Gifford:
Years at SLA: 11
Sports Section Editor

Joining the newspaper staff for me, was all about writing  I like to write and I love sports so combining both in being sports editor is a fun and new experience for me. When it comes to impact, my goal is to try and make sports more easily understood by the average person and yet entertaining for the avid sports fan. As for the importance of a periodical…its basically a source for people to obtain knowledge of the world around them and an opportunity to grow closer as a community.

Elena Shand
Years at SLA: 3
Spiritual Life Section Editor

Writing has always been a strength of mine. With my love for God and desire to share Him with others, I felt that I could be a useful asset to the Pioneer by using my God-given talent for Christ. The impact that I hope to make is in the area of things not said. To delve into subjects and aspects of life that are important, often forgotten, or not really spoken of is part of my challenge this year in communicating, resonating, and sharing Christ through uplifting messages. I want to make being spiritual real, practical, and clear to others as I learn many lessons myself.

Nawal Habib
Years at SlA: 10
Arts and Entertainment Section Editor

I applied for a staffing position here at the SLA Pioneer because it’s a new class that looked more fun and interesting. Journalism is an area that allows me to be more creative where as other classes are a bit more rigid in structure.  Impact…hopefully I will be able to interest readers and show a different side of arts and entertainment. The value of a newspaper is found in how interesting, creative, or educational it is for the people reading it.


By Nakeyah Williams

Nakeyah Williams
Years at SLA: 9

Being a part of the SLA Pioneer as a photographer is an exciting opportunity for me to take pictures and see the school through a new perspective; a new lens! I feel that if I become successful and am able to show a different part of my world then my impact is complete. The value I see personally in newspaper is a source of information and a way to learn and stay informed about the world or local community.

Igor Yoshida
Years at SLA: 1

My reason for applying for a position at the Pioneer was because journalism is a complete change-up from the norm in ways of learning and expanding the mind. My impact goal is to innovate and to make a revolution of a sort that results in students, kids, and adults from our local community keeping up with the news on a more personal level and not just globally. A newspaper like the Pioneer was meant to be something that people could enjoy reading, feel educated, and be uplifted through the material shared and covered. It can be part of what brings everyone together.

Samuel Holguin
Years at SLA: 5

I wanted to experience and learn something new so I decided to join the staff of the Pioneer. The impact I hope to make is in the department of videos. I hope to be able to create short movie clips that are inspiring, funny, relevant, and uplifting to all. And when I take time to think, a newspaper like the SLA Pioneer is important because it not only represents school but a community and beliefs.

Deanna Howard
Years at SLA: 11

I decided to apply to the Pioneer staff so that i could gain extra credit, have a new experience, and put something interesting on my resume and college applications. As for my goal in making an impact…I would like to make videos that will be a bright spot and an enjoyable memory for years to come, even after I graduate. Also the Pioneer has the potential to be of great influence and will probably always be a place where I will go to see whats going on back home wherever I may travel. So in a way a newspaper is important to the people who value reading, learning, and knowledge.

This is just the first page, picture, and line behind the many articles, photographs, and videos that are shared to all of you whom read these posts. It takes a community and dedicated staff to do what is done here at the Pioneer; uplift God and leaning about the people and world around us while sharing it in interesting, entertaining, and educational manner with others.  Come join us soon to hear about the history and founders and major contributor behind the Pioneer this year!


About JayJay Sierra

I enjoy to laugh. Love God and have an appreciation for art and music of all types. But with all this in mind I still really enjoy writing on a variety of subjects and styles.

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