Taking a Moment To Think What We’re Thankful For…

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Each year, as Thanksgiving comes around, some of us forget the main purpose of the holiday. We tend to get distracted by food, sports, etc. and our mind crowds out what should be a priority. The main reason we even reach this annual event every year, is because of God. He wakes up up every morning, and gets us through everything no matter how insignificant, and sometimes we forget to treasure that, and thank him for everything we have, even if we don’t necessarily deserve it.

This week, while writing an english paper about cherishing every moment, I had a short epiphany. My mind began oveflowing with things I was thankful for, and how much I take things for granted. As humans, we all do that, it’s normal. We aren’t going to take advantage of every single moment life offers us, because we have the mind set that we’ll be granted more days with more moments, and we can take advantage of them then. This week, I decided to interview the editors and writers like myself in the journalism class. Placing in their minds the thought, “What are you thankful for today?”

Editor in Chief, Junior Brandon Beneche responded after some thought, “I am thankful for juice. Water is good, but a little bit of juice makes things better. After a long day of school it’s nice to go home and have some lemonade. I’m also thankful for Fridays because on Friday we just take a break from things and get to have fun with people and get to do enjoyable things with people that we know. Lastly, I’m very thankful for my loved ones, because they’re kind of awesome.”

“I’m thankful for shopping because it’s fun and I like to buy clothes,” Arts and Entertainment Editor Nawal Habib replied, “and God has blessed me to be able to go shopping and own the things I do, because some people aren’t able to do that.”

Sports Editor, Freshmen Lisa Gifford retorted, “I’m thankful for my family. Especially my extended family, not just my immediate family, because all my family is really supportive of what we do and we all have our backs at the end of the day.”

“I’m thankful for Natalia because when I come in in the morning and I have to go to the bathroom, she’s always there to make me smile and always tells me I have good hair.” Senior, Video Journalist, Deanna Howard said.

“I’m thankful for my family and friends. I’m also thankful for being able to get a good education, and to be in a home that cares about me.” Sophomore Nakeyah Williams, our photographer, told SLA Pioneer.

“I’m thankful for my family, my friends, athletic programs in school such as basketball, and  for life.” Junior, Video Journalist, Samuel Holguin added.

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to live, laugh, and love to the full potential that God gave me.” Staff Reporter Senior Jennifer Sierra responded. And for everyday because each day is a gift, and im thankful for the many people put in my life to help me.”

Spiritual life Editor, Junior Elena Shand said, “I’m thankful that despite all of the devastations that have happened in this world in 2012, I’m still able to sit down with my family and wake up every morning to every thing I need and that I have.

“I’m thankful for socks because they keep my footsies nice and warm, and I’m thankful for soccer because it’s something I really like and it’s fun, and while I play I wear footsies with my socks.” Freshmen, Video Journalist, Igor Yoshida replied.

Assistant Editor, Senior Kenisha Malcolm responded after some thought, “I’m thankful for weekends, music, and new things.”

Lastly, I, Junior News Editor, Natalia Perez, am thankful for every single person that God has put in my life, even though not all of them have necessarily brought good experiences, I’ve learned something from all of them. I’m thankful for people who listen, they’ve helped me carry my burdens along the years. I’m thankful for everyone I love, and people who make me smile. I’m thankful for people who are happy, and for making mistakes, they’ve helped shape who I am. And lastly, I’m thankful for alarm clocks and microwaves and everything else that makes annoying noises for they remind me that I can still hear. I thank God for helping me hold on to him especially when I need him the most.


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