How SLA Students Celebrate Thanksgiving

On November 22 millions of people across the country will be celebrating Thanksgiving with their loved ones, including many of the students here at South Lancaster Academy. The SLA Pioneer took the opportunity to interview some of the school’s students to see how they celebrate the holiday.

When asked how his typical Thanksgiving goes, junior Ethan Severin said, “First I wake up, then I watch the parade with my family, then I just sit around a little. I usually have a snack. Then awhile after that I get ready to go to my aunt’s house. A little after we get there we gather around the table with my other family members and eat turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, rice, chicken, and sometimes lamb. For desert we usually have apple pie with ice cream. At the end we’ll all watch either a football game or a movie.”

Junior Isaac Valera said, ” I sleep in until about 12:00, have a personal worship and the help my mom cook. Then I watch T.V. with my dad and eat a snack, or something to hold me over until dinner. Then my family shows up and we pray and eat, which takes a long time with my family. After everyone leaves we set things up so we can sleep and have a movie night in my living room.”

Lastly, junior Amanda Bakerlis said, ” I usually sleep in and, after waking up, I help my mom cook. Then we have friends and family come over to eat with us. At the end when everybody has gone we set up the Christmas tree.”

Thanksgiving is a time honored tradition that reminds us of the importance if family and community. It’s good to see that the students of SLA also enjoy spending time with their loved ones during the holidays. Do you have a Thanksgiving tradition? If so, feel free to leave a comment below.


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