Adopt A Student, Create A United Community

When the Senior class decided to make an effort to unite South Lancaster Academy spirituality, emotionally, and as one mind, no one thought that they would take it this far. As an effort to help unite the school, each Senior “adopted” four students from other classes to mentor throughout the year. With activities, meetings, and events designed to help students get to know their school family. The hope is that during the year, the relationships and unity of the school become stronger.

Senior Survival sponsor Mr. Fellows sat down with the Pioneer and provided some background on this new effort and how it’s going so far.

Q: Who or what inspired this new idea to unite the school?

Mr. Fellows stated ” I am not sure as to who came up with the idea for Adopt a Student. But the event that promoted the new idea was when Gerry had written a heartfelt letter to the class addressing a fear and observation of the dwindling fire that the seniors had found during senior survival. It was honest and eye-opening. I think it accomplished its purpose; to pull the class back together.”

Q: What makes you think this might be successful?

“Well it’s not really whether or not I think this is going to be successful because I can’t tell the future but I do know what will make it work or fail. Two things. First, is if as a class, seniors continue to meet and encourage each other. Secondly is if all seniors personally commit to put all in.” Said Mr. Fellows

Q: Who do you think will benefit the most from this formation of connections and relationships? 

“Seniors. This is because you, each individual senior, is putting in time, effort, and essentially a part of themselves. It is shown that the more a person puts into doing something, the more they receive. Kind of like the saying it is more blessed to serve than be served. Sure, the other students will benefit from the relationships made but not as much as seniors putting everything in and not holding back” said Mr. Fellows

Q: What is a caution you have for Seniors or their new school family?

Thinking carefully for a short time, Mr. Fellows replied “Make sure not to forget your time with God. If you lose that precious time with God the on a spiritual level, you will not have much to contribute to those around you.

Q: How do you feel about this venture and why?

“Awesome! I feel proud of all of you” mentioned Mr. Fellows excitedly.

Q: Do you think this will turn into a long upstanding tradition carried on even after graduation of the paternal seniors? Explain.

Fellows pause for a moment before replying “Depends how effective you, as seniors are in impacting the rest of the school for the better. If well then the same result will want to be reproduced by classes to come.

Q: Is there any suggestions or ideas for becoming connected and staying connected to your community and school?

“Unless there is some deliberate planing of ways to connect with students that bring all of them together in a way that will help everyone to get to know each other than everything that the seniors are striving for will fizz out and be lost after the novelty wears off. So my advice is to be deliberate and constant in your pursuit of stronger relationships and a united school.” Said Mr. Fellows

Q: Is there any suggestions or elements that you think would make this venture better, enriching, and successful beyond this school year? 

“Take time to get to know each person individually and do activities that they will enjoy and bring all closer together. Even if its caring for them in small ways or simply listening. This will not happen by osmosis!” laughed Fellows.


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I enjoy to laugh. Love God and have an appreciation for art and music of all types. But with all this in mind I still really enjoy writing on a variety of subjects and styles.

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