Echoes of The War: By Azalea Warner-Walton

This past week South Lancaster Academy‘s English III Class has been covering Civil War excerpts, and even watched a movie about on the topic. After reading a few of the documents from the time period, students were asked to write a free-verse or rhyming poem about either American glory, nature, or protesting war. Junior Azalea Warner Walton,inspired us all with her powerful, awe-aspiring poem about the protest of war. The SLA pioneer, got the chance to look at her poem entitled, Echoes of The War, first hand, and decided to share it with our readers. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Echoes of the War

“Thud, thud, thud the sound of the army marching

The sound of the bullets piercing through the air

You say you’re trying to be a hero.

Heroes often get shot, peace has been long gone and forgot

You say you want freedom but there is no such thing when killing is the only way you seem to win.

Dead bodies decorate the ground and they say just take a look around because this is all we have.

You might be brave and you might live long you just might be strong but does that really equal independence lighting up our way?

Then you want to cry in the midst in the midst of the night and in the middle of the war, asking if there is a God and if He’s really watching.”

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