SLA’s Annual Children’s Church Changes Up Approach

This past Saturday there was a change up in worship for local students and worshipers. Exciting and different, Children’s Church was held in the College Church fellowship hall. With many bright colors and interactive songs, children ages 4-12 participated in a program designed just for them.

Children’s Church was introduced to the local community by South Lancaster Academy Students. Creative, interactive, and engaging, this program was designed to be uplifting and educational for young children in how and why we worship. With this goal in mind, planners pick a theme and from there decide on crafts, songs, stories, and skits for the children to learn from.

Over the past two years, the Children’s Team has been an ever-changing group of volunteers from SLA that have come together with one audience, one God, and one ambition in mind. This was portrayed on Saturday at the College Church, as the group of young leaders taught about creation in Sabbath school, did crafts, and guided the children through various songs.

The most shocking part of the whole program came not during Sabbath school but during the main service upstairs. After singing a couple more songs, prayer, and special music from one of the adult choirs  a hush fell over the congregation as a guest speaker took the mike.

With an ‘out-doorsy’ look about himself, the guest speaker, Ed Laquidara of Animal Adventures, introduced the much awaited part of the program; the creatures! Animal Adventures is a local organization who takes care of and rehabilitate a variety of animals, while educating the public about them through programs and presentations from a creationist standpoint.

One by one, each animal was introduced and talked about by the presenter in an interesting way while showing how God created each creature special. After every animal was presented, the young ones in the audience had a chance to come up to the podium and carefully pet each one.  This was where some of the biggest smiles, laughs, and memories were made.

At the end of the exhibit, Mr. Laquidara shared about how in the Bible the animals are described and how we are supposed to take care of them because they are God’s creations too. To close the exotic service, Pastor Heather Cook prayed and thanked God for the wonderful day and His many creations.

To find out more about Animal Adventures check out this site :


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