SLA Students’ Passion for Fall Fashions

The fall season is a always a great time to express your own style and add new trends into your wardrobe. There are so many fun things to incorporate into your autumn outfits like boots, scarves, sweaters, and jackets, just to name a few. The Pioneer asked some South Lancaster Academy students what their fashion staples are this season.

Courtesy of Wet Seal

“I really like to wear boots in the fall. I love scarves because I feel like they accentuate the colors in your outfit and make it complete. I also like tights alot.” – Natalia Perez, Junior

“I’ve been wearing varsity jackets a lot lately because they’re warm and they look really pretty. Also, they go with football season.” – Samantha Crowley, Sophomore

“I wear plaid flannel shirts in colors like red and orange because their autumn colors, and flannel shirts make me look built.” – Keven Brito, Sophomore

Courtesy of Dakine

“I love how beanies look on people and I’ve been wearing them this fall because they make me feel like I’m on top of the world.” – Nakeyah Williams, Sophomore

“I always wear hoodies and skinny jeans because I think they look good. If I could, I would always wear colors like orange and brown everyday of the fall, because I like to wear those colors.” – Luis Reveron, Junior

“I like to wear Northface jackets because the wind doesn’t go through them. I also like to wear the sweaters that my girlfriend, Brenda gave me because they’re V-necks and they look good on me.” – Raf Menezes, Sophomore

Courtesy of Abercrombie & Fitch

“Sweaters all the way! I love to wear any type of sweater. They’re cute and they’re nice to wear in the fall weather.” – Sophia Bruso, Freshman

“I wear knit hats and furry boots because they look fashionable and cozy.” – Tori Stong, Sophomore

One of the fun things about being a teenager is discovering your own fashion and the way you like to dress.  Many people take advantage of the fall season to find new types of things that they like to wear, and express themselves through their clothes.

Are there any trends or specific clothing items that you like to wear this fall? Share in a comment below.


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