Sandy Brings A Destructive End to Our Weekend in New England!

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This past weekend, October 26- 28, Hurricane Sandy wildly visited Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maine, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Vermont. Although no longer a hurricane by the time it reached the East Coast, Sandy delivered a hurricane-sized punch, slamming into the New Jersey shore on Monday and taking the lives of at least 11 people while carving a destructive path on her way from West Virginia to North Carolina and Connecticut.

Sandy sloshed torrents of water over the streets of Atlantic City, going on for blocks more inland and ripping apart the vacation spot’s fabled boardwalk. The storm set records in Lower Manhattan, and a  flooded substation caused a widespread power outage. She swamped beach fronts from both sides of the Long Island Sound and let out her angry sighs, breathing the wind from Virginia to Cape Cod as it came ashore.

Hospital patients were also affected, as they had to evacuate over 200 people from NYU Langone Medical Center and about 400,000 people from the low lying areas of Manhattan and other surrounding places. It also forced the closure of many airports, or just the cancellation of thousands of flights.

Its arrival, precisely eight days before the presidential election, forced both candidates, Obama and Romney, to postpone or cancel several campaign stops. By Monday afternoon, 23 states were under advisories or severe warnings, all, of course, relating to Sandy. Hundreds of roads have been expected to flood, and according to government data, Sandy’s wind damage would cost the economy more than $7 Billion dollars for repairs.

Here in Massachusetts, we were lucky to not receive a direct hit from the merciless storm. We did though experience extensive power outages, minor coastal flooding and some wind damage.

Courtesy of Google

Our hearts go out to those who unfortunately lost loved ones or suffered immense losses due to the storm. Mother nature at times uncompassionately strikes down, destroying everything in its path, but there’s always a bright side. God is coming soon. He has our days counnted down, and our last most amazing natural disaster will be when he returns, when even the world bows down at his feet.


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